Will a Water Heater Timer Save Money?

Will A Water Heater Timer Save Money

When the right type of water heater timer is installed in your home, it can provide an innovative way to save energy in supplying hot water to your home. Will a water heater timer make a significant difference to the running cost of your water heater? Here we look at the different water heater timer options and how they can make a difference to your water heating costs.

How Much Energy Do Water Heaters Use?

Water heaters are the second highest consumers of electricity in the home after space heating and cooling. Water heating can account for as much as 12% of household’s utility bill. In 2013 the average monthly utility bill in California was $90. That means each year California families spend $130 on water heating alone. Certain water heaters can waste significant amounts of energy in ‘standby time’ (that is, a time when hot water is not being used). Using a water heater timer can help to reduce standby energy losses and reduce water heating energy costs across the year.

How Does a Water Heater Timer Work?

A conventional tank water heater operates by heating and maintaining a reserve of hot water in the tank for when you need it. This operation includes on/off cycling of the water heater to maintain the water temperature in the tank. As the hot water sits in the tank, it loses heat, requiring the water heater to switch on again to restore the water’s temperature. On/off cycling results in energy usage and consumption even when your water heater is not in use.

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A water heater timer counteracts this unnecessary energy usage by timing the activation of the water heater to only heat water when you need it. There are many different types of water heater timers including countdown timers, programmable timers, box timers, and Wi-Fi and Z wave timers.

These timers can help you to set and control when your water heater is activated and starts producing hot water. Depending on the operation of the timer you can preset and program the different usage intervals of your water heater for greater control.

How Much Money Will Your Water Heater Timer Save?

The amount of money that your water heater timer will help you to save depends on the standard running cost of your water heater, the water heater and fuel type, and your hot water consumption.

Water heater timers have been found to save up to 25% on the annual costs of water heating. On average for a California household, this could represent a savings of $30 per year. Some water heater timers can help you save even more depending on your water heater time and fuel type, so it’s important to consult with a qualified plumber to project the actual savings for your household.

A water heater timer can be an economical and easy to use way to save money on water heating costs quickly. To find out how much a water heater timer can save you based on your individual needs, speak to an experienced plumber today at Magnificent Plumbing.

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