About Magnificent Plumbing

Magnificent Plumbing has been servicing Contra Costa and surrounding Alameda areas for the last 12 years. The owner Rene loves providing clients a peaceful plumbing experience. He feels a sense of pride to put his passion for mechanics to work in the plumbing industry. When a client expresses their joy for the value of the services provided he can end the day with a sense of fulfillment. Magnificent Plumbing is a family business through and through, from theirs to yours.

Core Values


We believe that our actions speak louder than words. That is why we always do what is right, no matter what the situation is. We always keep our word, and do not make promises that we cannot keep.


We exemplify respect by treating everyone like we like to be treated. We honor everyone we have the privilege to meet, and give them all of the courtesy that they deserve.


We pride ourselves on giving you the best experience possible. That is why we always maintain the highest level of professionalism in every interaction that we have.


We know your time is valuable. We take arrival times seriously and you can depend on us to be at your door at the time we have scheduled. We also accurately estimate the time needed for the given project so you won’t be left wondering “When will they be done!


Being organized is something that our clients see the value in during and after the project. That is why we always teach our team to make sure they are organized and to think through the whole project before they get started. This will make your project goes smoothly, and will help you have a stress free experience.


On Time Guarantee

In the home service industry, it is very common for a company to give you a window of time when they set an appointment. This often leaves you waiting around for 4-8 hours wondering when they are going to get there. At Magnificent Plumbing, we respect your time and will set up an exact time to meet with you, not a 4 hour window. Our On-Time Guarantee is our promise to you that we will show up on time or else we will give you a $50 credit off of your invoice.

No Change Order Guarantee

In the home services industry it is common for a plumbing company to give you a low priced quote to get you to sign. Then once they start the work they run into an “unexpected” circumstance that is going to require more work, which increases the prices. Our No Change Order Guarantee is our promise to you that what we quote you is what we honor.

Clean Project Guarantee

A common frustration that homeowners have is their homes being left a mess after the job is completed. We pride ourselves on not only keeping our work areas clean while we are doing the jobs, but also making sure that your home is clean when we leave. We will not leave any trash, or mess when we are done. Our Clean Project Guarantee is our promise to you that your will not be left with the mess. If you do not feel that our work area is clean when we are done, give us a call, and we will come back out and clean it to your satisfaction.