What Appliances Can My Natural Gas Line Power At Home?


Natural gas is one of the most economical and versatile fuel sources used in the home. Gas can be used to power a large variety of appliances in the home, in every room of the house, and both indoors and outdoors. But just how many appliances can your gas line power? And is it worth extending your gas line to power more appliances in your home? Here we look at how worthwhile and useful natural gas can be as a fuel source.

Gas Stove & Oven

Gas stoves and ovens offer superior cooking and rapid heating. Unlike electric coils that take time to heat up, a gas stove offers instant heat and a visible flame. Gas stoves and ovens are easier to use and adjust according to need, because you can see the gas flames and easily assess the strength of the heat provided. Having your gas supply power your stove and oven can provide great energy savings while producing outstanding cooking results.

Clothes Dryer

Gas powered clothes dryers produce more heat and work more efficiently than electric clothes dryers, helping your clothes dry faster. Because gas clothes dryers tumble clothes less, they cause less creasing and wrinkling and preserve the life of garments. Gas clothes dryers offer financial and environmental savings with greater efficiency, lower energy costs, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Stone framed gas fireplace


Gas log fire heaters give you the warmth and ambiance of a roaring fire with greater efficiency and environmental safety. Gas fireplaces are cleaner, hotter, more efficient, and safer than wood fires, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of a fireplace without the mess and hassle.

Water Heater

Tank gas water heaters heat cold water in a tank using a gas burner, while tankless gas water heaters rapidly heat cold water on demand as it flows through the heating unit. Gas water heaters have lower running costs than electric heaters and also reheat water faster, so you can get the hot water you need exactly when you need it.


Being highly efficient and effective, gas furnaces are the most popular choice for U.S. households. High-efficiency forced air gas furnaces can produce efficiency rates of up to 96%, heat your home more quickly, and provide heating that ventilates and humidifies the air in your home while it heats. Natural gas furnaces are effective heating systems that add value and comfort to your home.

Outdoor Grill

The appliances powered by your natural gas line extend outdoors as well. Natural gas powered outdoor grills offer enjoyable, fuss-free outdoor entertaining. With your natural gas line extended outside, you can use a quick-connect outlet to easily supply gas to your grill without having to lug around heavy gas canisters. Natural gas grills heat quickly and are safe to use so you can spend more time enjoying entertaining and less time filling gas tanks and waiting for the grill to warm up.

Pool Heater

Make your pool comfortable and inviting all year round with a natural gas powered pool water heater. Natural gas pool heaters activate only when needed, so you save energy and money. Natural gas pool heaters are efficient and safe, and many are self-diagnostic meaning you save time on maintenance.

With so many useful household appliances efficiently powered by natural gas, it makes sense to use this economical resource wherever possible. For help installing or repairing gas lines in your Alameda County or Contra Costa County home, call Magnificent Plumbing and Rooter today!

3 Comments on “What Appliances Can My Natural Gas Line Power At Home?”

  1. I didn’t know how useful gas lines are and that they are used with various appliances at home. My brother wants to have an outdoor grill for weekend barbecue sessions.My dad suggested calling gas line service first and shared this article with him.

  2. I didn’t know that so many things could use a natural gas line. My husband and I were thinking of getting a gas line for a fireplace, and we wanted to know if anything else could use the gas line. That is really cool that a gas powered clothes dryer can produce more heat and work more efficiently then an electric dryer. I would love to give that a try. Thank you for the information!

  3. Thank you for the information about the appliances that can be powered by natural gas lines. I never knew that the clothes dryer also uses gas which is much better to use than electric dryers. Like you said, it makes the clothes dry faster. With that in mind, I might have to use gas more than electricity from now on because of the advantages that you’ve listed. Actually, my husband has been bugging me about it because it because he’s been complaining about the high electricity bill we have.

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