5 Tips to Prevent your Shower Drain from Getting Clogged

5 Tips to Prevent your Shower Drain from Getting Clogged

A daily shower is a time to get clean and relax. When your shower drain clogs, suddenly your shower feels much less clean and certainly less relaxing as dirty water pools on the floor under your feet! All sorts of things can cause your shower to clog through normal use. Try these five tips to prevent your shower drain from clogging.

1.Avoid Oil and Grease

Oils and grease are notorious culprits for causing drain clogs. These sorts of things can enter your kitchen drains quite often from cooking. You may wonder how such substances could enter your shower drain. Your body produces oils that do enter the drain as you shower and rinse off. Also, when you use a certain shower and bath products, those can also leave residues to build up and clog your drain. Use these sparingly, and avoid allowing large amounts of oil or grease to enter your drains.

2. Rinse It Out Daily

Clogged drains form over time, so one way to combat clogged shower drains is to ensure you clean the drain out daily to combat the buildup of residue and debris. Remove any visible debris, such as hair, and leave the hot shower water running for few minutes after you have finished showering. The force of the hot water will help to flush substances through the drain.

3. Use a Drain Cover

The most common culprit for clogged shower drains is hair. As you shower, loose hairs shed and go down the drain. Over time, all that hair can build up and can thoroughly clog it. Prevention can be helpful. You can stop hair from entering the drain with a drain cover. This way, the hair gets trapped before being washed down. You can purchase stainless steel or silicone style drain covers.

natural cleaning solutions for showers4. Use Natural Solutions

Two common household products can be used to help keep your drain clear or clear it out if you have a minor clog. One is vinegar. This is an inexpensive and natural solution for clearing your drain. It just takes one-half bottle of white vinegar. Once you pour it in, let it sit for 10 minutes so that it can work on the clog. Then, flush the drain with hot water. Another option is baking soda. This is a good option if the smell of vinegar bothers you. Just pour some baking soda down the drain, along with running some hot water. It will help clear the line and also leave your drains smelling better.

5. Get Professional Help

For especially stubborn clogs, you might need to pour in a commercial drain cleaner. If your shower drain clogs regularly, the problem may be deeper in your plumbing systems, such as clogged or broken sewer lines or obstructed pipes. These will require the expert help of a professional plumber. A qualified plumber can provide deep drain cleaning, clog removal and rooter service to prevent shower drains clogging, and ensure the safe operation of your sewage system.

Don’t put up with a clogged or slowly draining shower – it could be the sign of a deeper plumbing problem. Get to the bottom of the issues by trying these tips to prevent shower drain clogs.

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