Top 6 New Faucet Styles

modern faucet sink in pantry with luxury dining room as background

We use faucets every day, but we don’t pay much attention to the condition and appearance of our faucets. Every visitor that enters your kitchen or uses your bathroom will see or utilize your faucets. Faucets can be one of the most accessible and cost-effective upgrades that can give your sink a whole new look. Here we look at the top faucet styles to transform your kitchen and bathrooms.

Single Pull-Down Handle Faucet

When you’re working in the kitchen, you need to be able to activate your faucet quickly, and without complicated movements. The single handle pull-down faucet is perfect for the kitchen as it allows you to open the faucet with a simple downward push. This will enable you to avoid needing to grip or twist the faucet, which is advantageous when you have greasy or dirty hands. The pull-down handle is ideal for both kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Touchless Faucet

Want to activate your faucet fast without spreading germs and bacteria? Touchless faucets are the ideal innovation for health-conscious bathrooms and kitchens that want hands free faucet operation. A motion sensor detects hands placed under the faucet and triggers the faucet to open while your hands remain under it. Touchless faucets are also ideal for reducing water wastage because you only use the water that you need, and faucet shut off is automatic when the faucet is not in use.

Running stainless steel bathroom sink faucet

Waterfall Style Faucets

Waterfall style faucets have outlets that are more flat or rectangular shapes that allow the water to spill over the edge like a waterfall. This creates a stunning effect that many homeowners love for the bathroom. Waterfall faucets genuinely add a creative and exciting touch to your bathroom. However, it is important to note that these faucets can provide a bit lower water pressure than regular outlets.

Reflex Hose Faucet

Reflex hose faucets have been around for a while, but they are still a top choice for those looking to upgrade and update their faucets. Look for automatic hose faucets that ‘lock’ into place when retracted for secure and safe storage.

Brushed Metal Finish Faucet

For both bathroom and kitchen faucets, mark-resistant brushed metal finishes are in, while the high polish chrome finishes are out. The brushed metal finishes not only look modern, but they are also easy to clean and hide light marks like fingerprints and water stains, so your faucets stay looking clean.

Old Meets New Style

The transitional old-meets-new style is taking over homes everywhere, and faucets are no exception. Blend old and new styles with your faucets by choosing a modern faucet in a classic kitchen, or choose a traditional and ornate style faucet with a brushed finish for a modern bathroom.

Upgrading your faucets is the ideal way to instantly add a more beautiful modern touch to your bathroom or kitchen. If you’re looking for the perfect faucet, ask your local plumber, Magnificient Plumbing for advice on the right style and performance of faucet to suit your needs.

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