How to Troubleshoot Low Water Pressure

How to trouble shoot low water pressure
Low water pressure can make your showers unsatisfying and your appliances inefficient. Troubleshooting low water pressure involves checking the outlets where water pressure is a problem and diagnosing the potential causes of low water pressure. This guide helps to show you where to start when troubleshooting low water pressure. Check the Pressure at All the Outlets in the Home Collect

How to Start the Pilot Light on My Water Heater

How To Start The Pilot Light On My Water Heater
If you have a gas-powered water heater at home, chances are it uses a pilot light to ignite the gas burner. Occasionally, the pilot light goes out - whether this is due to equipment malfunction, leaks, or fluctuations in mains pressure. The key sign that your pilot light has gone out is that your hot water faucet no longer produces

How Can I Make Sure That My Emergency Plumber Is Licensed?

licensed plumber
When you're choosing a plumber you want to make sure you find the best professional for the job. Quality plumbing is an investment you can't afford to skimp on, as poor work can lead to leaks, backups, and flooding. But what about when a plumbing emergency strikes? That’s the time when you need to find an emergency plumber quickly but