How Do I Protect My Water Heater This Winter?

How Do I Protect My Water Heater This Winter

It’s hard to imagine a winter without hot water, but this is the situation you could be facing if you don’t take care of your water heater, both regarding preparing it for winter and also concerning protecting it during winter. The best way to protect your water heater may differ depending on whether it is a tank style storage heater

My Gas Water Heater Keeps Shutting Off! What Do I Do?

My gas water heater keeps shutting off what do I do

Few things are worse than preparing for a hot shower or bath only to find that you can’t get any hot water. However, if your gas water heater keeps shutting off for no reason, this is precisely the position you may find yourself in! The main reasons that a gas water heater automatically shuts off are because the pilot light

Can My Water Heater be the Cause of My Low Water Pressure?

Male Worker With Clipboard Adjusting Temperature Of Water Heater

Low water pressure can be frustrating. If it seems like your hot water pressure is exceptionally low, you may be wondering whether your water heater is to blame. Here we look at how to determine whether your water heater is causing low water pressure. Using On-Demand Instantaneous Water Heater An on-demand, instant water heater is an excellent investment for your

Can My Water Heater Cause a High Water Bill?

can my water heater cause a high water bill

A consistently high water bill can be a significant worry as you consider not only how to pay the bill, but what’s causing it. A sudden increase in your water bills can be a particular cause for concern, as it may indicate a leak. You may be wondering if your water heater could be the culprit behind your higher than

What Can Cause Fluctuations in Water Pressure?

What Can Cause fluctuations In Water Pressure

Sometimes your water pressure is too strong; sometimes it’s barely more than a trickle. If the water pressure in your home is fluctuating and all over the place, you may be confused as to what’s causing the problem. Pressure may change in the same outlet over time, or you may have different pressures in different parts of the house. To

7 Things That Could Be Reducing Your Water Pressure

Tap closeup with dripping water-drop. Water leaking, saving concept.

Low water pressure can be an annoying problem to deal with as a homeowner, but it can also indicate more serious underlying issues. If your water pressure is decreasing or unexpectedly low, it’s important to look at some of the leading causes of low water pressure to troubleshoot. 1.Clogged Faucet or Aerator If the water pressure is low in just

How to Prepare your Water Heater for the Winter

Modern Automatic Water Heater in front of brick wall. 3d Rendering.
With the weather cooling down, now is the time to start getting your home ready for the winter. If you want to continue enjoying your hot water throughout the chilly winter months, it's essential to prepare your water heater for winter. Here are 5 steps to help get your water heater in top shape for the cold winter months. Insulate

Top 6 New Faucet Styles

modern faucet sink in pantry with luxury dining room as background
We use faucets every day, but we don't pay much attention to the condition and appearance of our faucets. Every visitor that enters your kitchen or uses your bathroom will see or utilize your faucets. Faucets can be one of the most accessible and cost-effective upgrades that can give your sink a whole new look. Here we look at the

How to Prepare your Pipes for the Winter

How To Prepare Your Pipes For The Winter
With winter just around the corner, and a chill already entering the air, it's time to think about the essential maintenance your home needs in preparation for the coldest season. The priority before winter is to implement procedures that stop pipes freezing, as this can lead to burst pipes and significant damage or flooding. Even if you don't live in

Will a Water Heater Timer Save Money?

Will A Water Heater Timer Save Money
When the right type of water heater timer is installed in your home, it can provide an innovative way to save energy in supplying hot water to your home. Will a water heater timer make a significant difference to the running cost of your water heater? Here we look at the different water heater timer options and how they can